Thursday, December 20, 2012

* * Snowed in * *

                                 Sew... We're snowed in today..
We got what I thought was close to 6 inches of snow last night.
And now it's blowing out.
I know I could have made it into work this morning.
But, I doubt I could have made it home.
The monte does not like sno & I don't blame her..
Besides, if it were just me I may have chanced it..
but.. I have a little life to think about now..
So, I stayed home and so did Hubs..

So we slept in..
I made breakfast ...
and I think I will sew this afternoon...
I have a project for christmas
I want to get done..

I've got most of my wrapping is done..
I've one more gift to get..

happy snow day to you..


  1. Yes, best to safe and warm - enjoy your snow day.

  2. When in doubt...go with your inner voice!
    Don't think of it as being snowed in but rather SEWED in :D!
    Enjoy your day, little Mama. :)

  3. We are definitely snowed in. Even I-29 is closed from St. Joseph to the Iowa border. Our gravel road is packed full. We won't be going anywhere till the grader goes through. Hubby called work to tell them, and his boss said very few showed up today. I think I will work on handwork while we watch Christmas movies. Stay safe and warm.

  4. hope you had a great snow day
    in stithces

  5. I would love a snow day! Unfortunately, no snow in S Ont yet. And worse, I live close enough to walk to work. Hope you had a great day!


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