Sunday, January 12, 2014

...burp goes the baby...

Who can resist this face???

One of the things I use a lot of are burp cloths.. Why didn't anyone tell me??? David is nearly 8 months old now & growing like a weed.. 
He's eating baby food now.. Loves his carrots & squash.. 
Figured he needs some new burp cloths.. 
What you need is various flannels. Fat quarters work too..
I love the Dino stuff!
First, you iron the fabric. :) 
I used a burp cloth my mom made for David as a guide. You'll want to cut your fabric 9"x 18". This is a guide of course, you can make yours bigger or smaller depending on your needs. 
I cut the fabric after a lengthy search for my rotary cutter.. I cleaned so well, miss placing it in the process...
Iron it.. And place right sides together..
Next, if you wish you can do 2 different fabrics. Directions are the same except I pin the 2 parts together.. 
Right sides together & pin. 
Next, I located my machine 'Betty' who has been nestled on our dining room table.. 
I straight stitched 1/4" along the edge, leaving a gap to turn your creation inside out..

Floppy flip.. 
Then, I took them down stairs to my iron & ironed them. I folded the turn hole in so you couldn't tell where the hole was.. 
I was going to use a decorative stitch but settled on a zigzag. 
Your done!!! 
And your little guy or gal will love them!! 

Happy stitches~
Laura Ann


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